I believe singing is simple! Once you have the basics established (breathing, support, resonance) you can begin singing and finding your voice! Within one lesson I often see great results with my singers, but practice makes perfect. Advancing on these skills and paying attention to cord closure, widening range, smoothing over bridges and being brave and creative with improvisation can all be explored further. 

 My background is a foundation of classical training (applied to contemporary music)  with some further  training in Estill and SLS by some of the countries top vocal coaches. I myself enjoy working with sounds, placements and stylistic qualities, and I believe that performance and technique go hand in hand to support each other. Overthinking technique alone can lead to a static delivery whilst on the other hand many natural performers have bad habits and run into difficulties. I aim to blend the two and have fun at the same time! I can also advise on health and stamina having endured many tough touring schedules myself!! 

 I take a practical approach and see myself as an encourager of individuality, expression and confidence. I also firmly believe in catering to each individual singer. Style, voice type, gender and age, plus personality and confidence is all taken into account. I do not believe in ‘one approach fits all’.

The first question I will ask when you come for a lesson is what do YOU want to work on?

 I aim to be responsible with the vocal health of my clients so when taking on under sixteens I would consult with their parents first to decide if coaching is the right choice for their age and ability. I teach some incredible young singers but everyone develops physiologically at different stages and I would never compromise anyones health. Therefore a minimum age of 12 is preferred and I only teach juniors who are very active in music, I don't give beginner lessons to this age range. 


These are entry level singers of any age who are active hobbyists perhaps within a choir or just beginning to sing in public in some format.  I prefer not to teach absolute ‘beginners’ and accurate pitching and rhythmic  ability is essential - I cannot teach the tone deaf to sing in tune! But I can help vocal enthusiasts explore their joy of singing further and with a mindset to take it up a level! 

Full or part time vocal students studying at diploma level upwards. These singers have a foundation of knowledge they wish to build on and are not afraid to work creatively and push boundaries. You may need coaching for an assessed performance, an audition or an important gig. I have taught at The Academy of Contemporary Music in Guildford and London for many years, so understand the environment you are learning in and what is expected of you.

From young professionals at the beginning of their careers to long time pro’s who have fallen into bad habits or need an inspirational refresh. I have also coached chart topping vocalists with a high level of natural talent, it is amazing how we all need a sounding board at times when we feel we have plateaued! I myself go for a top up lesson from time to time and enjoy a fresh perspective. 



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